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Why Companies using Google Voice

Posted by [email protected] on July 27, 2021 at 4:10 PM

Your business telephone system is your direct portal to all or any the influential contacts in your business. It’s important that you simply select an answer that gives the tools you would like to support and enhance your communications without straining your budget.


Google Voice for Business offers calling capabilities, tools, and features, for free. However, it can sometimes mean unexpected costs if it’s not the proper system for you.


This post will dive deeper into business user reviews of Buy Google Voice for Business and explore the key features, pricing, and pros and cons of this communication app to assist you identify if it’s right for you.


Google Voice – what's it?

Google Voice may be a free VoIP app offered by Google that gives users with a telephone number and a set of features and tools which will make business communications more accessible and convenient on any mobile device.


Access is as simple as signing up for a free account or downloading the app. you'll then select your telephone number to start making free or low-cost calls. you furthermore may gain access to a spread of communication tools and features.


Google Voice for Business integrates with other communication modes within the Google family including email via Gmail and Chat, also as voice and video calls in Google Hangouts.


Google Voice offers free calls within the US and Canada, and also has competitive pricing for international calling, making it a budget-friendly solution for creating and receiving calls from virtually anywhere.


Google voice home page Key Features of Google Voice For Business

Google Voice for Business offers a set of communication tools and capabilities that support and enhance voice communications. the subsequent are features mentioned most by reviewers on TrustRadius.


Call Screening and Privacy

Google Voice for Business gives you options for shielding your privacy by creating a separate business telephone number . you'll display this telephone number online to market service or client calls, without having to stress about exposing your personal contact numbers.


A Marketing Director and Google Voice user highlighted the importance of maintaining personal anonymity when providing business telephone number online or during a business setting.


“I use Google Voice for my very own consulting business needs, and also recommend it to clients and help them get found out thereon . My clients that are online educators are those that have seen the simplest success with it. they're ready to provide a telephone number to their students without revealing their direct cell number.”


You can read his full review here.


Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one among the foremost frequently cited advantages to using Buy Google Voice accounts . This feature helps you manage high call volumes by supplying you with the choice to list one business number. additionally , calls to your team members are quickly and effectively rerouted as they are available in.


A CEO’s executive assistant’s review notes that Google Voice may be a useful gizmo to stay communications flowing if your business occurs in multiple locations.


“I think that Google Voice is ideal for somebody who often changes working locations. the power to possess online messages and to forward the decision to any number makes this the right platform for anyone who is on the move and dealing at different locations.”


You can read her full review here.


Local Area Codes

When you found out your Google Voice account, you've got the choice to pick your telephone number from an inventory provided by Google.


These options refresh somewhat regularly. However, not all area codes are always available. you'll have the choice to settle on a neighborhood code that’s local to your business or localized to your main service or prospecting areas.


Having a well-known , local telephone number increases the prospect that leads will devour your calls and eliminates long distance issues for clients or customers in your target business zones.


A WordPress Developer and Google Voice user points out the benefits of localized phone numbers for business in his review, saying,


“I use Google Voice to take care of ‘local’ numbers for various locations round the country. As my company goes where i'm going , and far of my business comes from referrals, we get clients coming in from everywhere the country. Google Voice allows me to take care of numbers from Florida, New York, and California without all the additional devices.”


Voicemail to Email Transcription

The voicemail to email transcription feature offered by Google Voice may be a good way to manage communications beat one place.


When a caller leaves a voicemail, a transcription of the message is shipped to a specified email address. As a result, it are often addressed by any specific member of your team. This feature are often highly effective if you travel frequently or work with a dispersed team by making it easy to figure through all of your email and voice messages in one location.


You can check out transcriptions on the attend make sure that you usually answer important messages during a timely fashion. you furthermore may have the choice to route them to someone on your team who can provide information or address questions.


While ensuring that customer and client calls are always returned and attended, you help build loyal, trusting relationships together with your business. This also helps give your brand a reputation of responsiveness and attentiveness.


A Marketing Director at a software company loves the transcription feature as an excellent time saver:


”The voice mail to text is great for when I’m during a meeting and can’t/shouldn’t be taking note of my phone. a fast glance at the transcription is enough.”


Google Voice Organization

Image via Google Voice

Pros and Cons of Google Voice for Business

Google Voice offers many advantages that companies can enjoy for free of charge to low-cost. There also are some limitations to think about when you’re deciding if Google Voice is for you.


Here’s a roundup of the pros and cons of Google Voice for Business.



Buy old gmail accounts for Business offers features and capabilities for free of charge , that a lot of other VoIP providers charge for

The free solution is additionally user-friendly and mobile

Google Voice integrates with many CRM solutions

Google Voice features can assist you handle high call volumes efficiently through telephone and voicemail to email transcription.

Free US and Canada calling with competitive international calling rates


Limited user support, with only self-help documentation and forums to show to for help and answers on the technology

Call quality can vary counting on your device and site

Google Voice phone numbers are often recycled, you'll not be ready to get the precise number or code you desire

There is often a small delay for callers between the time the phone stops ringing and therefore the voicemail picks up

You must be signed into your Google account or running the app on your mobile device to make/receive calls and use features

Alternatives to Google Voice

If you’re not convinced that Google Voice is that the right choice for your business, there are several well-reviewed alternative VoIP providers.


On the entire , these alternatives provide many of an equivalent benefits as Google Voice, including serving as a less expensive and simpler choice to traditional office calling. But each option has its own unique advantages — so let’s rehearse them.



RingCentral may be a cloud-based VoIP solution available as a desktop and mobile application.


While the main target is on calls, RingCentral also features collaboration tools, a contact center for customer-facing calls, online fax and integration with other enterprise applications. Integrations include Jira, Evernote, Salesforce, Box, Zendesk, Oracle and more.


Users note that RingCentral is straightforward to use in conjunction with collaboration tools and other enterprise systems. Jillian Straw, a Marketing Associate at Plate IQ, speaks to the present simplicity: “If one among my colleagues features a question on behalf of me , they will simply attend the Contacts section and have access to calling any members of our company with the press of a button.”


RingCentral pricing is by user per month. The Premium plan — which incorporates toll-free minutes, call recording and voicemail-to-text runs $35/mo.



Viber combines instant messaging and VoIP capabilities. The platform is compatible for both personal use and by small businesses that require an easy-to-use VoIP and instant messaging solution.


Features include unlimited-member group chats, chat extensions for integration with other apps, and free audio and video calls.


Users note that Viber is straightforward (and free) to use for international calls to clients and customers, or to easily connect with family and friends. Liz Wade, a photographer, explains why she prefers Viber for her small business: “I can easily places free calls over wifi to speak with clients who also use Viber and are either in another country, or, once I am outside of the US.”


You can download the Viber application for free of charge , but the corporate charges by the minute for calls to phone numbers.

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